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We obtain all information through legal means. We do not trade on illegally obtained information.


The ubiquitous tool for investigations, our team offer a comprehensive and professional service utilising foot, mobile, static and technical solutions to obtain evidence and information as required. A highly effective, and often inexpensive means to provide concrete reassurance, or to identify and obtain direct evidence where required.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our investigations and investigators and our track record of conducting successful surveillance operations, throughout the UK in both urban and rural settings for a wide range of clients. All our operatives are highly experienced, most of whom have served with specialist military units. The backgrounds of our operators vary from Ex-UK Special Forces, Royal Military Police, Civilian Police and those with a background in the private sector.

We have a vast range of specialist equipment at our disposal in support of surveillance operations. Both video and photographic evidence is always made available along with detailed reports and we also offer a procurement service for those wishing to obtain the high-end equipment we use.

Rural Surveillance ("CROPS")

Rural Surveillance, or Covert Rural Observations Posts ("CROPS") is the term for surveillance operations conducted in rural environments, utilising a specialist skill set.

Common CROPS operations that we have conducted include fuel theft, agricultural theft including livestock, drug cultivation and fly-tipping.

Divorce, Matrimonial and Cheating Partners

Whether you're in a new relationship or have been married for many years, we each invest a lot in our relationships whether it's time, money or energy. Faith is a powerful thing, but nothing can equal the peace of mind that comes from knowing as a matter of fact that your partner has the integrity you hope.

Often, clients contact us worried that they're paranoid, but by simply hiring our services, we can deliver peace of mind. In other cases, you may have reason to suspect your partner is having an affair; our experts can gather the evidence you require. Each case is unique and we will offer you the best solution to suit your needs and budget.

Professional Witnesses & Local Authority Support

Over a decade of experience in delivering A.S.B. solutions to Public Sector bodies which includes:

• Professional witnesses
• C.C.T.V. overt and covert
• Noise monitoring systems (such as the industry standard B&K’s MATRON system)

Our Professional Witness service is an extended arm of our Surveillance & Investigation operations. The Police and Local councils are now heavily utilising Professional Witnesses in support of ASBO enforcement. APG have teams of highly trained and experienced Professional Witnesses based Nationwide which are able to deploy at short notice and our service guarantee is 48 hour submittal of all reports, intelligence and evidence gathered.

We have broad experience in obtaining evidence to support enforcement of court orders. Our experience also includes combating gang activity- identification of gang members and evidence of A.S.B. committed by them. We can also provide witness protection for those giving evidence against such people at home, work and to/from court.


We have a proven track record of conducting surveillance operations to target illegal fly-tipping operations. We offer a range of equipment and services that we can tailor to your exact requirements.

Employee Screening, DBS Checks & Absenteeism

For a relatively small fee, we can provide detailed background checks for potential employees. Our experience has taught us just how severe the consequences of not properly checking the background of staff can be. Screening employees helps mitigate risk and ensures you make the right choice of candidate for positions. Our experience has taught us just how severe the consequences of not properly checking the backgrounds of staff members can be. The number of investigations we have conducted as a direct result of clients failing to conduct pre-employment checks is astonishing.

Case Example: A senior member of staff of one of our clients (on a 6-figure salary) was performing far below expectation. Through conducting a thorough background check, we discovered the employee, who was losing the company a large amount of money had greatly over-exaggerated his previous experience (conveniently forgetting to mention his previous company went into administration). Whilst our investigation was a great success, the client could have saved themselves several million pounds by performing a simple yet comprehensive background check.

Tough economic times push people to extremes in order to improve their finances. We've seen a large increase in fraudulent sickness leave by employees who then go and obtain employment from another company, effectively doubling their income whilst the initial employer suffers financial loss. By utilising our surveillance teams, we can gather the evidence to justify their leave or catch them defrauding your company.

A new report shows that workplace absence is costing the UK economy £18bn in lost productivity. This is part of an increasing trend that has seen workplace absence increase year-on-year since 2011 – having previously been on a downward trend since 1993. As a result, the report predicts that the cost of absence will increase to £21bn in 2020, and increase to £26bn in 2030. For many companies, the combined cost of sick pay and the cost of replacement staff can cripple cash-flow. We have witnessed an increase in employees fraudulently claiming sick leave and finding second employment elsewhere, effectively doubling their income. We can provide a surveillance solution to validate sick claims or catch staff defrauding your business.

OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence)

Open-Source Intelligence (“OSINT”) is the term given to desktop investigations that utilise open-source material (material that does not require any privileged access), In broad terms it is an investigative activity utilising non-invasive methods and legally available information to obtain data, filtered as information which is then collated, processed and then analysed to form intelligence. This is delivered by way of a comprehensive report to enable informed decision making.

We have a comprehensive range of subscription databases and enhanced search tools combined with vast industry experience.

Examples of OSINT uses include, but are not limited to: Person Trace/ Missing Person(s) Pharmaceutical Investigations Trademark/Copyright infringement Parallel Trading Background screening Pre-employment screening Market & Competitor Intelligence Reputational due-diligence Threat identification and analysis Asset Tracing Brand Protection Risk/Threat assessments

Theft & Stock Shrinkage

In recent years, internal theft has risen dramatically. From employees stealing directly from tills through to elaborate financial fraud, companies regularly suffer massive financial losses, with many cases going un-noticed.

Our past cases have included supermarket staff obtaining customer account details, cash theft in a simple but effective manner which made detection near impossible, financial fraud of lease agreements and internal staff benefiting from insurance fraud relating to company assets- which they later sold onto friends and even eBay.

Vehicle Tracking

We offer both overt and covert tracker installations placed internally or externally on your vehicle(s). Vehicles are tracked in real-time and we can offer you immediate notification of movement, in addition to daily & weekly reports.

Trackers can be used as a stand-alone solution or used in support of surveillance operations. Our vehicle trackers monitor your vehicles worldwide utilising both GPS and GSM technology. We operate strictly within the law.

Background & Reputational Due Diligence

Utilising public databases, powerful search tools and the experience of our team we can provide an in-depth report of companies and individuals.

Most frequently, due diligence is utilised prior to new business deals; often clients ask us to identify any information that may detrimental to them e.g. conflict of interests of directors, undisclosed directorships, negative media exposure etc.

Our range of investigative services includes:
Person Trace
Background Investigation
Rogue Companies
Divorce & Matrimonial
Stock Shrinkage
Employee Screening
Missing Persons
Insurance Investigations
Process Serving
Professional Witnesses