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Digital Forensics

We obtain all information through legal means. We do not trade on illegally obtained information.

Expert Witnesses

Our expert team of digital forensic technicians are available to attend court in order to give evidence whether in support of their work or to question and verify the work of others.

Experienced Professionals

Our team has vast experience in working a diverse range of cases. Past cases have included:

Employee Fraud: A property investment client retained our services following concerns regarding the conduct of a Director. Digital forensice examination of the subject's company telephone and laptop identified evidence that the subject had been actively trying to obtain company assets for themself via fraud.  The subject received a criminal conviction and costs were recovered.

Criminal Defense: Our service were retained on instruction from the Client's legal representatives to analyse the client's telephone following arrest. Our experts identified that the analysis and subsequent conclusion of the prosecution's digital examiner was incorrect and deeply flawed. Our client was found not guilty.

Prosecution: Our services were retained by the prosecution following an allegation of fraud, and related civil suit for Copyright theft and trademark infringement.  Owing to the latter, and the Police backlog of digital forensics work, we were instructed to act as a matter of urgency. Our experts identified a myriad of evidence across several digital devices resulting in successful prosecution and a successful civil claim against the subject.  This case was reported in the national press.