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Surveillance Training

We offer 3, 5 and 10 days surveillance training courses, taught by former members of Military Intelligence. No other course in the UK offers such high calibre tuition. Our courses are for professionals, by professionals. All our training staff routinely deploy on operations. The demand for professional surveillance operators has rapidly increased in recent years and the demand is set to increase over the next decade. Whilst there are many 'guys with cameras', there is only a relatively small number of professional operators which means there's a myriad of employment opportunities for the trained professional.

3 day course

Our 3 day course is aimed for those wanting an introduction to surveillance operations or those requiring just foot and mobile surveillance techniques such as local authorities and public sector bodies, investigators and security professionals. Although a short course, the training delivered is of the highest standard. Completing the 3 day course will give potential operators a good foundation on which to build further surveillance skills.

5 day course

Our 5 day course is aimed for those wanting a competant working knowledge of surveillance without demanding the same time and financial commitment as our 10 day course. This cours is ideal for those learners from both local and central government agencies with a specific learning requirement or those new to the industry wanting the obtain firm foundations on which to build their surveillance career.

10 day course

Our 10 day course is our most comprehensive surveillance training course. Over the 10 days you will learn the full spectrum of surveillance skills required to operate in the urban environment. No other course in the UK covers such a diverse range of skills nor in as much depth. Our senior instructor who delivers the course has 23 years’ experience in Military Intelligence.
This course is designed to develop students into professional operators, whether they are those with a casual interest in the surveillance industry, those wishing to refresh their skills or those completely new to the industry looking for a new career. Females are in particular demand in the industry. The ultimate aim of this course is to give you the skills necessary to gain employment on the circuit and excel as a surveillance operator.